The Global Market

The British Council in their report “The English Effect” estimate that 2 billion people will be speaking or learning English by 2020. Emerging countries recognise the economic value of producing large numbers of skilled graduates able to communicate in English.

In China in 2021 it has been decreed that all 9.4 million students that sit the National College Entrance Examination ( Gaokao ) will have to sit an oral English test and be sufficiently fluent in English to be admitted to University.

In Nigeria the number of people learning English will grow by 40% in the next decade.

Speak Together will provide the people learning English the opportunity to speak and listen to English as spoken by a native English speaker as part of a flowing conversation. Importantly this will help the “shy” learners as they can have one to one conversation in private.

The company plan, once the prototype system is ready and market tested, a soft launch in Vietnam in September 2021 with a major launch in China in March 2022. Speak Together is working with the Far Eastern subsidiary of The Mission Group, an AIM listed global communications agency, who has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Saigon, Singapore and Hong Kong and extensive local knowledge including operating with Baidu, the Chinese Google.

Consumers will be offered a 10 day free trial and then signed up for a monthly subscription at $10 per month.

Following the official launch in China the company expects to attract subscribers at the rate of 10,000 per month and by the end of year 1 have a subscriber base of over 100,000 users"

Speak Together is the first of this kind of product that offers unlimited conversation with native English speakers. We have “first mover” advantage in this field.

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There are Apps available like “Hello Talk” which is more of a language exchange putting people learning English in touch with English people learning their language. The problem with this system is that it relies on people sharing the conversation time, in other words if a Chinese person is learning English they will want the conversation to be in English to the detriment of the person trying to learn Chinese!