The People

Speak Together will be a “virtual” company managed by Colin Kemp and a small UK based administrative staff.

Colin Kemp

Founder and CEO of Speak Together, Colin developed the idea of using AI to replicate speech to help language learners speak “natural” English. Colin founded Futura Medical, which is now AIM listed with a market cap of £40 million, so has experience of bringing novel concepts to market.

Dr Nigel Marlowe

Partner; has designed and developed several ideas for online research engines with Innovation Bubble that explore subconscious associations (thoughts and emotions) that influence decision making in organizations and markets.

Dr Simon Moore

Dr Simon Moore (BSc, PhD, CPsychol) Founder of Innovation Bubble is a Chartered Business and Consumer Psychologist who specialises in uncovering emotional and personality influences on behaviour.

Matthew Hoyles

Partner; a specialist patent attorney at GJE, Matthew works primarily in the software and electronics field as well as innovations combining hardware and software. Recently, Matthew has extensive experience with machine learning, data compression and particularly medical devices.

Alice Anderson

Associate; at GJE Alice assists clients in devising and establishing their brand protection strategy from initial selection of a trade mark through clearance searches, to filing, prosecution and enforcement.

Garry Barter

CEO at Hertzian Technology with a focus on products, data and the application of Hertzian’s technology, Garry helps direct the company’s long-term vision.

Chris Weavill

COO at Hertzian Technology. As the company grows, it’s Chris’s responsibility to ensure operations scale efficiently and all angles are considered as we move forward.

Lee Kuok Ming

CEO at Bray Leino Splash, based in Singapore.

Ms Van Vo

Machine learning coordinator Vietnam and UK.


Speak Together will be working with the following partners and suppliers

Technology Development will be undertaken by Hertzian Limited

Intellectual Property will be protected by GJE LLP

Legal affairs by Withers Worldwide

Psychological development and understanding with Innovation Bubble